Unturned: How to make a server

Hey guys, today I’ll be “telling” you guys how to make a server for Unturned

This tutorial is only how to make a LAN server, I’ll be making another post on how to make a dedicated server and how to add Rocket plug-ins to your server…

Step 1: Open Steam, go to library and right-click Unturned, then click on properties, then local files and then browse local files… You should then be brought to the Unturned folder

Step 2: Right-click Unturned.exe and then click create shortcut, then right-click the shortcut and name it something like Unturned Server. Then right-click the shortcut again and click on properties, you then be greeted with this “box thingy,” click on shortcut and then you should see something called target with a text box next to it, in that text box, after /Unturned.exe paste this; -nographics -batchmode +lanserver/      After +lanserver/ put what you want you server’s name to be, then click apply and close

Step 3: Open Unturned Server, you should be greeted with a “Black “control” box” Wait like 10sec and then close it, you will then see a new file in your Unturned folder called Servers

Step 4: Open that new file and inside you’ll see a file with the name of your server, go in that file and then you’ll see some files; Bundles, Maps, Server, Workshop, ignore Bundles, Maps and workshop and then just go into Server, you’ll see a file called commands.dat, you want to open that with notepad, Word or whatever typing program you have.

Step 5: You’re going to have to type some stuff in that .dat file to let your server work, the core things you’ll need to type in there is your port, server name, maxplayers and map…

These are my server settings:

port 27015
name Unturned server
map Hawaii
cheats off
perspective both
mode normal
maxplayers 12
welcome Welcome to this server!

Step 6: Launch Unturned Server, invite you friends and enjoy!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope to “see” you all next post :3



Unturned: How to get the picket sign

Hey guys, today I will be telling you how to add the picket sign to Unturned!

There are YouTube videos that could probably explain this better, but I’ve decided to write about it

Step 1: Open Steam, go to library and then right click Unturned, then click properties. You should then see 5 tabs; General, updates, local files, betas and DLC, you want to click on local files and then browse local files you should then be directed to the Unturned folder.

Step 2: Go into the Extras folder and then into Bundles>Items>Barricades and then you should see a folder called Sign_Picket. What you want to do then is copy that folder and then go back to the Unturned folder .

Step 3: Then go to Bundles>Items>Barricades, then you should see all these folders, ignore them and just paste Sign_Picket in Barricades.

Step 4: Launch Unturned and hop into your world (this will not work on servers unless they also have done this) you can either spawn the Picket Sign in with the ID of 1465 or you can craft it with 3 planks of any kind and 1 stick

Thanks for reading this short tutorial on how to the picket sign to your Unturned and I’ll “see” you guys in my next post…

A YouTube tutorial on how to do this

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What my blog is going to be about

Welcome to my blog! This post is going to be about what my blog will be about!

My blog is going to mainly consist of video game tips, tricks and tutorials, so… if you don’t like video games or don’t want to know about them, then this blog isn’t for you…

First off, the question you might be asking is “what video games are you going to be covering?” Well… I will be covering Unturned, Terraria and Overwatch (Unturned and Terraria are the only ones I currently know tips, tricks and stats for) I might be doing some other games in the future, so my blog isn’t only going to be consisting of these 3 games…

Sorry for making this blog so short, I didn’t have much else to talk/write about, see ya later!

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