Unturned: How to get the picket sign

Hey guys, today I will be telling you how to add the picket sign to Unturned!

There are YouTube videos that could probably explain this better, but I’ve decided to write about it

Step 1: Open Steam, go to library and then right click Unturned, then click properties. You should then see 5 tabs; General, updates, local files, betas and DLC, you want to click on local files and then browse local files you should then be directed to the Unturned folder.

Step 2: Go into the Extras folder and then into Bundles>Items>Barricades and then you should see a folder called Sign_Picket. What you want to do then is copy that folder and then go back to the Unturned folder .

Step 3: Then go to Bundles>Items>Barricades, then you should see all these folders, ignore them and just paste Sign_Picket in Barricades.

Step 4: Launch Unturned and hop into your world (this will not work on servers unless they also have done this) you can either spawn the Picket Sign in with the ID of 1465 or you can craft it with 3 planks of any kind and 1 stick

Thanks for reading this short tutorial on how to the picket sign to your Unturned and I’ll “see” you guys in my next post…

A YouTube tutorial on how to do this


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