Unturned tips and tricks for beginners

Welcome to a quick guide for new players in Unturned!

This guide is only for new players, it will not help experienced players

Tip 1: Ctrl+left click drops items immediately and Ctrl+right click equips or store items immediately

Tip 2: Do not be greedy, if you see a guy with better gear than you, try and avoid him, when you’re a bit more experienced in the game then you can try, but it will still be risky

Tip 3: If you’re struggling to PvP then try playing some paintball arena, all paintball guns have bullet drop so if you want to see how much you need to compensate for bullet drop then go into third person and you’ll see, this will help you to PvP in third person… I’m pretty sure it will help you, but it sure did help me

Tip 4: If you find clothes that’s worse than your current clothes, turn it into cloth and then into rags/bandages/dressings, do this until you have enough healing supplies

Tip 5: Don’t waste ammo on killing zombies unless it’s a flamer or mega zombie, this way you’ll attract less attention to yourself

That was 5 tips/tricks for Unturned, thanks for reading!